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1.1.- General regulation

People who access this hotel establishment will be obliged to comply with these Regulations, in what does not contravene Law 13/2011, of December 23, Decree Law 13/2020 of May 18, and other applicable regulations and precepts.

1.2.- Access, admission and residence in the establishment

This hotel establishment is for public use and with free access, with no restrictions other than those derived from the legal provisions and these regulations. The admission and residence of people in this establishment will only be denied for the following reasons:

  1. Due to lack of accommodation capacity or facilities.
  2. Failure to comply with the admission requirements established in these regulations.
  3. By adopting behaviors that may cause danger or annoyance to other people or users, or for hindering the normal development of the activity.

When the aforementioned circumstances occur or the people incur one or more of the aforementioned restrictions, the personnel responsible for the establishment may require them to leave it, prior payment, where appropriate, of the accounts that they have pending for the provision of services and consumption.

As for the access of pets, this establishment, by resolution of the Mayor''s Office-Presidency: Decree No. 2022-3219, of April 5, has authorized the following specific admission conditions:

“Access to people accompanied by pets will not be allowed, except dogs intended to supply visual dysfunctions of their owners, in accordance with current regulations on assistance dogs for people with disabilities” (Law 11/2021, which regulates the assistance dogs for people with disabilities in Andalusia).

It is expressly stated that free access to the facilities, services and accommodation of this hotel establishment will not be denied or restricted to persons who so wish, for reasons of sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.

1.3.- Entry record and admission document

The person or persons who wish to make use of the accommodation, the common facilities and, where appropriate, the complementary services that are detailed in this Regulation, must present their identification documents for the purpose of their admission and registration in the establishment registry.

Once the person or persons have been registered, this establishment will make an admission document that will include the name, category, number of people who will occupy it, dates of entry and exit and the food regime that they have arranged and when it is contracted directly, also the price of accommodation. Said admission document, completed in duplicate, must be signed by the interested party to formalize his admission, once informed of the existence of these Regulations and his rights and obligations. The original of the admission document (hotel pass) will be handed to the user and the copy will remain in the possession of the establishment.