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Nespresso Coffee Machine

All our Privilege Rooms and Junior Suites have a Nespresso coffee machine so you can enjoy a cup of espresso at any time of day.

Capsules on request, 4 complimentary capsules a day.

1 → Fill the tank with the water bottles. To remove the water tank, pull the lid.

2 → Turn on the machine. Blinking light: machine needs approx. 25 seconds to warm up. Steady light: machine is list.

3 → Fully lift the lever and insert the capsule.

4 → Lower the lever and place a cup under the coffee spout.

5 → You can press the coffee button while the machine is heating up (flashing light). In that case, the coffee will be dispensed automatically when the machine is ready.

6 → To prepare a Latte Macchiato, fold up the drip rack and place it in an upright position. It will fall back when you remove the glass to prevent drops from falling onto the surfaces.

7 → Press the Espresso (40 ml) or Lungo (110 ml) button. Preparation will stop automatically. Press again to stop the flow of coffee or continue filling the cup.

8 → Remove the cup. Lift and close the lever to eject the capsule so that it falls into the used capsule container.